Call for papers

Conference on Current Pagan Studies 2015 CFP

January 24 – 25, 2015

Claremont, California

Fecundity and Richness of the Dark

Depth psychologist James Hillman wrote, “that until the culture recognizes the legitimacy of growing down, each person in the culture struggles blindly to make sense of the darkness that the soul requires to deepen into life.” 

Monotheistic notions over the past two millennia have separated and polarized our manner of being in the world into realms of light and darkness, positive and negative, holy and desacralized, valued and devalued.  

Polytheists, Pagans, animists, et al view differently the interplay of light and dark, and seek to revalue, re-sacralize, and retrieve the dark.  How do we interpret the Darkness? How do we imagine and reimagine our relationship with the Dark?  Are there treasures hidden in the gloom, or are the shadows themselves treasures? Can monsters be gifts? How do we address the relationship between Darkness and Light?

We are looking for papers from all disciplines.  A community needs artists, teachers, scientists, healers, historians, philosophers, educators, thinkers, activists, etc.

As usual, we are using Pagan in its most inclusive form, covering pagans, wiccans, witches and the numerous hybrids that have sprung up as well as any indigenous groups that feel akin to or want to be in conversation with Pagans.

Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words and are due by September 20, 2014. Good news! You have until October 15 to submit your abstract. Go to our website for advice on presenting papers. Please email abstracts to